How To Use Action Bronson microG pen vaporizer

This is a step by step guide to use the action bronson microG pen vaporizer kit released by Grenco Science, it is used for vaping dry herbal.

At first, let’s check the action bronson microG pen package first

  • 2 microG batteries
  • 2 micro G coils
  • 2 microG mouthpieces
  • 1 microG charge kit
  • 5 mouthpiece covers
  • 2 glass G containers
  • 1 microG tool

Action Bronson microG

Before you use the action bronson microG pen kit, you need to charge it first. It is very easy to charge the action bronson microG pen vaporizer, the charging port is on the bottom of the vape pen and just use the USB cable to connect the USB port and the other end you can connect to USB port of PC or use the wall charger. After you connect to the power, the LED light will turn and stay red, usually it needs about 3-4 hours for the full charging. The red light will turn off when charging full.


After you charge the battery, the next step is to load dry herbal materials, just take off the mouthpiece from the vape pen, and use the micro G tool to load some dry herbal materials, make sure the g coil is connected tight with the batery and also the battery is on power off mode when you load the dry herbal.


Everything is ready to start vaping with action bronson pen, just press the power button 5 times to activate the battery and the LED light will flash 3 times which means it is turned on, then just press the power butoon and hold means it is working and heating. then you can enjoy the vaping.




what’s the difference between microg and snoop dogg g pen vaporizer

As we know that both micro g vaporizer and snoop dogg g pen vaporizers are released by Grenco Science, and both of them are mainly used for vaping dry herbal, so what’s the difference between them, which one is better.

Original Micro G is the first generation of vaporizer kit released by g pen team. It is mainly used for dry herbal and wax. Snoop dogg g pen is a limited version and cooperates with the artist star, it belongs to the snoop dogg series.

From the package, Micro G vaporizer package is a Two pen package, it contains two batteries, two coils and two mouthpieces.  the snoop dogg package contains one battery with one herbal tank and one mouthpiece, it is a little longer than origianl microG from the appearance, but both of them are full package and the kit contains everything you need to start vaping.

The battery capacity of them is also different, the micro G vaporizer battery capacity is 350mAh while the snoop dogg g pen is 650mAH. the larger capacity means larger vapor.

The charging method for them are very similar, just use the USB Cable and wall charger contained in the package to charge them, just make sure charge full when you use them in the first time.

which one is the better than for original micro g pen and snoop dogg g pen

if this is the first time you use the vaporizer, i recommend the microg, if you have used different vaporizers, snoop dogg g pen is better for you. Currently snoop dogg series is much more popular because of its nice design, highers vapor and excellent vaping experience.

How To Use Snoop Dogg G Pen Dry Herbal Vaporizer

Snoop doog G pen vaporizer full kit is one of the best dry herbal vaporizers for your vaping. It is a full starter kit that contains everything you need to start vaping.  This vaporizer is released by Grenco science (now name change to to gen) and can be used for vaping dry herbal and wax. It is a limited version that cooperate with famous start Snoop Dogg. This vaporizer is also knows as  Snoop Dogg double G.

Check the Snoop Gogg package contents first

  • A rechargeable micro G battery  (650mAH  Capacity)
  • A G pen herbal tank
  • A G Wall Adapter
  • A wired USB charger
  • A cleaning brush
  • A G tool
  • 3 G tips
  • 2 G glass containers

Check the snoop dogg g pen unbox video

As you can see, the snoop dogg package contains everything you need, when you receive it, you just need to charge the battery, load the herbals and vaping.

It is very easy to use snoop dogg g pen vaporizer, check the instructions below

There is a power button on the middle of the g pen battery, to turn on the g pen vaporizer, you just press the button 5 times, the LED light on the G battery will blink 3 times to start working.  Why 5 times? this is a safe design to avoid accidently turn on,  if they set it to 1 tim power on and off, it could be turn on automatically when you put the vaporizer on your pocket. This is a protect.

It is also very easy to load for snoop dogg g pen vaporizer,  You can see the G pen vaporizer includes the g battery and the g herbal tank, you can just unscrew the mouthpiece and you will see the heating device, then use the g tool to load your herbal, finally just screw the mouthpiece back to the herbal tank.

Charge the snoop dogg is also very easy, the USB charger and wall charger are included in the full package kit, just connect the USB charger to the top of the G batter, and then use the G wall charger to connect the USB charger and charging. When you connect the power, the LED light will flash 3 times which means it startes charging, usually the full charging time is about 3 hours.after it is full charged, the snoop dogg g battery will change green.

Make sure do the full charge in the first 3 times use.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal