Contemporary Interior Design Ideas with ethanol and furniture

Most people consider interior design as a topic that is designated for homeowners and designers only. On the contrary, you don’t have to own a home or be an interior designer to utilize home décor ideas. It is all about making the dreams about your space a reality with whatever available resources. Interior design goes beyond making your space awesome; it can actually change one’s lifestyle, mood or the general atmosphere in the house. Creativity is the best part of interior design, discovering new décor approaches and transforming them to create your own personal styles.

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Here are some inspirational interior design ideas to make your home fresh and interesting again!

minimalist decorations for homes

Modern Minimalist Ideas

Minimalist interior design ideas take the form of elegance and simplicity. The ideas emphasize on accuracy and keeping every décor object in a simplified form. Minimalist is a modern style that illustrates the use of geometric shapes in interior design. The décor pieces and furnishings are either round, square or rectangular in shape or surface with bright or dull colors which can also be flashy. If you fancy simplicity for home décor, try the modern minimalist ideas; it is the best style for elegant and ultra-clean modern home interiors.


Contemporary Style Ideas

Although most home designers use modern and contemporary ideas interchangeably, contemporary style ideas focus on sleek and fresh interiors. Arguably, most of the ideas used in contemporary home décor can also be applied in modern interior designs. However, modernized style ideas focus on simplicity and uncluttered interiors; showing less to express sophistication like an all metallic contemporary ventless fireplace for example. Colors, for example, are neutrals, black, and white; line and shapes are intentionally geometrical with bare spaces between different pieces of furniture.

In interior design, creativity is the only limit in attaining the desired results for home decoration.  The High-tech style brings out creative and innovative modern ideas for home décor with an emphasis on furniture structure and appearances. The idea is to make every piece of the furniture a part of that structure while maintaining a specific appearance and style. Most of the furniture materials; glass, metal, wood, leather, plastic used for these home décor ideas consistently take a specific style in finishes, shape, and appearance. Even the colors; dull gray and white with small black scales are specifically selected for high-tech home décor.

High-tech Home

décor Ideas

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Modern-Transitional Ideas


One of the most popular areas to draw out home décor ideas is from the transitional interior design style. The designer or homeowner is not limited to one specific style but rather, different designs both traditional and modern which can be matched up to create a totally balanced home décor space. Although striking a balance between different home décor designs is artful in itself, the unexpected results are often unique, warm and inviting such as the best ethanol fireplace on the market.  Modern-transitional ideas require coherence among the different materials used such as steel and glass, which can then be combined with plush furnishings to create sleek and stylish interior spaces.

Taste is inherent

Michael Kors made a wise observation once.

He said “you can’t teach taste“. wants you to use your subjectivity and objectivity when it comes to decorating your space with new and refreshing ideas.


Be careful with the type of furniture you choose as your cool centerpiece.

While a greek-like statue may seem like an impressive conversation starter for guests, it may be to over the top grandiose.


Consider something more subtle and sleek like a modern Ethanol
Fireplace as your centerpiece.

Round modern ethanol fireplace